Welcome to my homepage for CHARCARDS, a blog dedicated to my creative process expressed in cards and jewelry.  My creations are made from the heart so don’t be surprised to see the hash tag #FromTheHeartofCHAR  (which is the licensed /legal name of mybusiness) from time to time.  Let me share a little about myself.  I’m a Registered Nurse during the day and in my off time I’m a Jewelry designer/creator and a handmade card enthusiast. I sell my creations  and enjoy the creative process very much. As I have delved into card making I realized just how much people love handmade cards. The cards  are unique and personal.  Seeing the look on someone’s face when they open a hand made card is priceless.  When I make a cards it is from my heart,I put a lot of thought into each card I make. The same goes for jewelry.  I started this process as a child with sewing,crocheting and fabric painting. I also love music which was most assuredly influenced by learning Piano at age 8, and being in plays  from grade school to high school. I have three fur babies at home that do not let me ignore them to work on crafts!  I could rattle on but the point I’m trying to make is that I am open to create and I welcome input. As I aspire to share positivity , I will not welcome or tolerate any negativity  on my blog.I am happy to share information that helps others going forward in their own creative process. Creating to benefit others benefits the giver many times over.  Happy crafting !!!! CHAR ❤️